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charset not right

2005-12-02 12:37:14 AM
I have a weird problem with the Char-Set of Kylix
My System: Debian Sarge
I have downloaded and installed the open-Edition and the whole program
works with a different charset.
The environment-Vars for lang set to de (german) but there are no
Entities like shown, or for example the { doesnt work.
For the { it shows something like ^P
All other programs on the machine work just fine with the right keyset.
I tried to:
install as root or user, different OS (Knoppix 2.4 Kernel , Mandrake
10.1, Kanotix 2.6 Kernel)
Can you help me out?
best regards

Re:charset not right

On Thu, 01 Dec 2005 11:37:14 -0500, Armin Horner writes:
Can you help me out?
Hoi Armin
You need to repost your question on the Borland news server to make
everybody see it and possibly answer your question. Also I think the
newsgroup b.p.install.kylix or b.p.kylix.non-technical would fit better for
your question.
Take a look here:
which links to