Out of memory. Isapi dlls using IBX

2005-01-29 08:33:37 PM
I am getting "Out of memory" on my ispai dll (webnap, webbroker) , IBX
access to IB6 (Win 2k server), as my website volume in increasing.
I have been very carefull to fully commit or rollback after ever web
I do remember some time ago a discussion on IBX memory management, and I
have had a reply on the websnap group from someone who had the same , but
the problem disappeared whe he moved from IBX to FibPlus.
Any advise if this could be caused by IBX, and with virtual memory (server
has 1G), why would IIS run out of memory. I can see the memory increasing
steadily on one of the DLLHOST.EXE, an IISreset will set thinks straight,
but I sometimes cannot make it thru 24 hrs without a reset. I don't mind a
theraputic reset once per day.