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Re: Delphi Compact Framework Apps

2006-03-15 06:17:21 AM
Jim Cooper writes:

That earlier link had the results of their trial of db40

Oh, thanks Jim! It did too.
Glad I read that. I had it up and running over night and didn't notice
the requirements in their agreement. I will need to look further into
it as it was easy to use and implement. (I mean, REALLY easy).
It was a little odd to get used to as I am used to traditional DB's
(IB/Firebird & MS SQL), especially in the querying, but as far as adding
objects etc goes it is simple to the nth degree.
I am however having trouble seeing it as anything more then an object
stack with search, as opposed to a 'real' database. (funny considering
my sig)... but I have only had a few hours with it.
"He who treats the database as a flat-file repository of data is doomed
to burn in Hell. it is true, I asked." - Dratz

Re: Delphi Compact Framework Apps

Jim Cooper writes:
nDataStore was going to be my answer there, but...