Re: BDS 2007 ETA? - Computer Magazine CDs

2007-01-18 07:52:47 AM
"Rick Carter" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes

I have to wonder, because months ago you told us that you were going to
blanket the Earth with Turbo CDs, and we would see them in our computer
magazines, in the box with our laundry detergent and breakfast cereal,
and everywhere else. So far I haven't seen that happen.

Computer magazines in the US typically don't include cover CD's and DVD's do
Here, APC Magazine (Australian Personal Computer) has had Turbo on its cover
DVD two months in a row. The first (Dec 2006) had Turbo C# and Delphi .NET.
The second one, January 2007 (on the newstands in December 2006) had Turbo
Delphi Win32 and Turbo C++ together with tutorials by Tim Jarvis, Richard
Vowles and Malcolm Groves.
I haven't seen one in my cornflakes box yet - I hope I didn't swallow it ;-)