Re: Delphi in more schools (was Microsoft here I come)

2006-06-30 09:43:33 PM
Rick Carter writes:
>In this, as in almost every post of yours I see, I take a different
>stance. We just don't see the world in the same way, and never will.

You can not agree with any of Jim's posts? Not even those on the value
of drinking beer? :)
There's an exception to every rule, and this would be it. :)
Jon, if you want to go on a crusade to take philosophy out of the schools,
please start an appropriate thread in off-topic. I can not see what this
has to do with bringing Delphi into the schools, so please stop hijacking
this thread with irrelevant discussion.
My apologies if you feel that way, but I fail to see how I hijacked
anything. I was talking about the value of certain types of training to
programming, which the part of the thread I was following had already
morphed into. I feel you are more likely to get good programmers if
they have been trained in CS or a closely allied degree. That doesn't
mean others can not be good, just that I think the percent of good
programmer would be higher in CS or related fields, and less on the job
training would be required. Take myself as an example, I am a Wildlife
Science major that spends most of his time doing data analysis and
database programming. I am a reasonable programmer, but my wildlife
training has nothing to do with it, and other than domain knowledge,
hasn't helped me a bit. I will never be a really good programmer, because
I don't have the training and necessary knowledge to even understand
half the threads here. If I hire another programmer into our group, I'll
likely request a programmer with biological interests, not a biologist
with computer interests.
I think this topic is a good one for .non-technical, but I admit it has
drifted from the original topic. I have never minded thread drift, but
some do, so unless some else wants to start a new thread, I will drop out now.
Jon Purvis
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Austin, TX