HELP!! BDE problem

Here is my problem,

    One of our clients was updated to the newest version of the BDE (5.01)
in november. No problems was detected. But now, just last week, our
application started to freeze up for no apparent reason. Today, that same
client can't even open up our program without the computer freezing (i can't
even use ctrl+alt+delete). I was able to determine that the cause of the
freezing was related to the BDE because if I try to open the BDE
administrator, the computer freeze's again. No change has been made to their
application in recent weeks (only un updated version of our program was
added to the computer but that was at the beginning of the month. For the
first week everything was perfect)

Our program, like stated above, uses the most recent version of the BDE. We
use a paradox database.

Thank you for any help

Imagine Team.