BLOB Field modified - Help REQ

I have a Delphi 1 single user application using BDE Paradox tables.

One of the tables has a dozen or so Memo fields. I have made the fields
persistant and access them via TDBMemoFields.

Twice now I have had the message 'BLOB Field Modified' during running
the application. This only occurs for certain records (presumably those
which are corrupt) and there appears no way of correcting the problem.

A bit of investigation shows me that indeed the modified time for the
*.mb file is later than the associated db file - in other words the
message appears to be accurate.

1. Any bright ideas as to how this may have happened (short of powering
off the PC whilst the database is open)?

2. Any bright ideas about prevention ?

3. Any bright ideas about how to recover - all my attempts using
combinations of copy, empty, add table and restructure have failed.

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