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Help! Retrieving username+password from login

Can anyone please help?

I am developing a Delphi application which uses an ORACLE backend.  At
startup I log on to the database using the TDatabase component
standard login dialog.  I then want to run some reports using
ReportSmith,  but have to go through another login dialog.  

Short of creating a custom login dialog, is there any way of
retrieving the username and password supplied in the original login so
that ReportSmith will login automatically?



Re:Help! Retrieving username+password from login

In article <91e7cc$c821.36d@RTCQP11>, (Gordon T. Smith) says:
We had this same problem. We developed a product for our customer on our
network using Oracle, Delphi 1 and ReportSmith. When we moved to their
system no amount of experiment allowed us to get their system to move
to ReportSmith without a security prompt, even though we had captured the
Username, Password and Oracle alias.

We were eventually advised by Borland Support in the UK that it could not
be done.

Our solution was to write a one off program that did a text replacement
in the .rpt files of our server name 'vhost' with our customers server name
'uhost'. This worked!

Another possibility is to create a database on your server with the same
name as your customers and develop your reports on this.

Hope this helps

Jonathan Read
Village Computing

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