Porting 16-bit to 32-bit versus CS_OWNDC with Intel 3DR


I had Intel's 3DR (3D) 16-bit API running OK in Delphi 1.x and have had some trouble running their 32-bit
version in Delphi 2.x.

(Intel doesn't support 3DR for pascal and I think the problem's on the Delphi side anyway).

The problem behavior is that the client area of my 3DR forms now "stick" to the screen instead of their
windows, producing a maze of garbage when I move a window into the edge of the screen. Background: 3DR is
initialized by providing it with a device context of the window in which it is to draw. This DC must not
change for the life of the app, so one uses the CS_OWNDC style when creating the window. This is no problem in
Delphi since the CreateParams() method is available to set CS_OWNDC but I suspect this doesn't work right in
Delphi 2.x, but then perhaps I'm analyzing the problem wrong...

Any thoughts/suggestions/answers?