Porting BP7 DOS/DPMI applications to Delphi

As part of a team I am sitting on aproximately 600000 lines of BP7 code.
The code is written for DOS/DPMI and we have started the work to port
it to Windows by using Delphi.  To get us started we have taken one of
the smaller applications (55000 lines) and it is now possible to compile it
with Delphi.  To be able to to that we have created a textmode simulation
object. (WinCrt was useless of course) The application stil acts and looks
like a DOS application.  Once we have it up and running we can start the
tedious work of making it a full blown windows app.  However we are stuck
with som problems tha doesn't seem to be easyly sovlved:

1.  The text-mode simulator has its own (OEM) font.  We need that font to
be available on all computers our customers use so it has to be included
with the application.  We need to put one or more fonts inside the EXE-file
and use it on the Canvas which is the basis for the text-mode simulation.
The RES-file is generated with every compile so that is out of the question.
How do we put it in and how do we access it?

2.  The application also need to caputer ALL keypresses (i.e. also F10, Tab,
Shift+Tab and the arrow keys).  The text-mode simulator component's
KeyDown event (connected to the Form's KeyDown event) seems unable to
detect the Tab- and Arraow-keys!  It's strange since we have created an empty
for whith a KeyDown event where everything works OK.  We kan fix the arrow-
keys by placinf (for instance) a one pixel big scrollbar on the same form.
But still no respons for the Tab key and F10 key.  Has anyone any ideas?