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Problems connecting to MS SQL Server using 32 bit BDE


What you need is to run MS SQL 6.5 Utilities on the SQL 6.5 setup disk. It
is not documented well but SQL Links 32 bit uses DLLs installed by SQL 6.5
The driver layer looks like the following;

PARADOX 95 or DELPHI 2.0 or C** or etc..
talks to
BDE 32 bit
talks to
SQL 6.5 drivers installed locally (NTWDBLIB.DLL)
talk over the network to
SQL 6.5 Server

Run the same setup.exe that you ran to load MS SQL 6.5 server on NT and
choose SQL Utilities. Run custom install and load only LSQL.exe and MSQUERY
on each workstation. I do NOT suggest installing any of the administrator

Carlson, Kenneth D (Ken) <> wrote in article

> I have posed this question in the Delphi News groups without an answer,
> so I thought I would try here. This problem seems to be in either the
> SQL Links or BDE so I thought maybe someone using the 32 bit versions of
> PDOXWIN might have encountered this and have a solution.
> My organization recently purchased Delphi Client/Server Suite 2.0 and I
> can't seem to connect to MS SQL Server 4.21 or 6.0 databases running on
> Win NT 3.51 Servers using the 'Borland SQL Links' from a Win95 machine.
> Whenever I try to connect I get the following BDE errors:
>   (15879) 'Vendor initialization failed'
>   (8458) 'File: NTWDBLIB.DLL'
> I have tried a couple of different copies of the file 'NTWDBLIB.DLL' on
> my machine. No luck. I have also tried it as Sybase instead being as how
> the 16 bit version treated them the same. Same error different file name
> 'LIBSYBDB DLL' which I also tried more than one copy of.

> Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer eMail
> as don't have a chance to check the News groups regularly.

> Thanks in advance,
> Ken Carlson
> DynCorp Tri-Cities, Inc.

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Re:Problems connecting to MS SQL Server using 32 bit BDE

Are you try with sql links 3.5?
Jose Corral

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