HTTP multipart/form-data with Binary Data - Indy v8021

"Adam Keher" <> wrote in message news:95qqpb$
> After reading some other posts in this ng, it appears the last seperator (
> '-----------------------------7d18914904ee' ) in the post should have an
> extra two '-''s appended to the end. This lets the webserver know it has
> received the end of the post (
> '-----------------------------7d18914904ee--' ).

> Once I changed this the code worked fine. IIS stoped crashing with
> DLLHost.exe taking all ram available each post.

see RFC 822 for MIME message detail. Each boundary starts with additional '--' and last part boundary ends with addidional '--'

And to be 100% correct: each boundary starts with CRLF+'--' sequence (so the part before the boundary needn't end with CRLF)

Dalibor Toman