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nasns80.dll not found

First of all, sorry for crossposting!

I have just upgraded Oracle Client on my local machine from 8.0.? to 8.1.7
Now I can't connect to our new Oracle8i server using SQL Explorer. It throws
'nasns80.dll not found' twice and then 'Cannot load an IDAPI service
library. File SQLORA8.DLL. alias TELECOM'

There are both D5 and BCB5 installed on my machine. There are no any
problems on my colleague machines where D5 only installed


Re:nasns80.dll not found

A little addition: if I change BDE settings BDE
Administrator/Configuration/Drivers/Native/ORACLE/DLL32 from SQLORA8 to
SQLORA32 the problem is gone. But I don't think this is correct solution
because as Help says SQLORA32 is dedicated to work with Oracle 7 not Oracle

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