TTable, Large ASCII Text Files and TDBGrid and Invalid Page Fault

I have an application done in D2 using BDE 5.01.  I am importing using a
schema file a fixed-length ASCII text file into a DBGrid via a TTable.  I
then use Batchmove to create Paradox, etc. tables.  The program bombs at
approximately line 216 of approximately 310 lines of the schema file.  I
have used this method with other schema files not quite as large and things
work beautifully.  I have some other schema files I must create that will be

The ASCII text file the program is bombing on is 5,680 characters.  The
largest ASCII text file I must use, this time, is around 6,500 characters.

If I try and run the program from outside the IDE I get a "MyProgram has
caused an invalid page fault at KERNEL32.DLL".  If I try and run the program
from within the IDE I get an  "Access Violation".  If I try and change the
TTable to Active in the IDE I get, "DELPHI32 caused an invalid page fault in
module IDASCI32.DLL at 017f:4e1f1df9" and the IDE shuts down.

Is there a limit to the number of columns in a DBGrid?  Is there some other
stupid reason I am completely missing that could be causing my problems?  I
have tried increasing stack size, but that has no affect.  I have tried
making a schema file using some of the lines already in the schema file,
changing the field numbers to well over 310.  This seems to work fine.  This
program has one form, two TTables and a BatchMove.

Help, please!