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CD ROM Runtime Problems - Paradox tables?

Are you explicitly setting the PrivateDir to the user's C: drive? If not and
if your startup directory is the CD ROM then the BDE private directory is
set to the CD ROM (to your startup directory) and when the BDE tries to
create a temporary file you will get an error. Use

Session.PrivateDir := 'c:\foo';
to set the private directory to some directory on C:.

Bill Todd (TeamB)
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Re:CD ROM Runtime Problems - Paradox tables?

Hi Jim,

I suppose it are the .lck-file and the file that gives the

You can try to create a new directory on your C: drive (call it whatever you
want, but perhaps ParadoxNet is a good one).
Then open DatabaseAdministrator and select
Set the NET DIR to your just created directory.

Hope this help you,

"Jim" <> schreef in bericht news:39db498c$1_2@dnews...


> We are attempting to execute a CD ROM version of a program we have written

and getting a nagging problem.  The program uses Paradox data files, and all
but one are lookup tables only.


> Absolutely any clues, even if it points out my stupidity, will be much


Re:CD ROM Runtime Problems - Paradox tables?

Thanks all who helped, the problem has been resolved.  It did turn out to be the "privatedir" was not set to a writable disk.

Thanks Again!

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