Database Standard - which one?? HELP

Hey Delphites...

I seen the concept of which platform batted around for a few days now,
and I have a similar question...

I would like to use the best suited back end (supported by delphi 1.0's
IDE (or BDE?)) for an application that may end up on a win3.x, win95,
winNT, Novell, or whatever PC based networks are out there.

Currently I am using Paradox, but have read that Paradox 5.0 will no work
on a winNT network (Paradox 7.0 will, but Delphi 1.0??).  Is Interbase
the answer (for possible Client/Server later)? Or maybe good ole' DBASE??

Any opinions or actual war stories would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance


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