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BDE init error $2501 in IDE

I keep getting this error (Error when initializing BDE - $2501 - not
enough memory for this operation) when I try to run my application in
the Delphi 4.03 IDE.

This error occured suddenly, and I can't seem to be able to get rid of
it. When I run the app outside the IDE, everything works just fine.

Any ideas? I have two TDatabase object in my app, both are set to
"Connected  =3D False". All the forms except for the main form get
created on demand, at runtime. My machine runs Win NT 4.0 SP4 and has
128 MB of RAM.............

Thanks for any pointers!


Re:BDE init error $2501 in IDE

  $2501 means 'not enough memory for this operation....'   --  The BDE is
installed fine.....  --  Don't know who this was originally going to, but
hopefully they see it.....

Jason Wallace
SL Software
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Mick <> wrote in message
> Reinstall BDE
> mick
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