Printer.Abort and Netware print queues

below is a message i posted back in 8/97.  After i call Printer.Abort
because the user has cancelled a print job, nothing sent to that
printer will be output, for the rest of the applications execution.

I've since found this occurs only with my Netware print queues, an NT
network printer does not have the problem.

Anyone else had similar experience with Netware printing?


if i call Printer.Abort then subsequent calls such as

  { draw pretty pictures }

produce *nothing*.  i dont get an exception and i dont get printed
output either.  checking the Printer.Aborted property yields false
after the BeginDoc but nothing is ever output.

i have to do a BeginDoc before i am actually ready to print, to get
page size, color info, etc. from the printer.  the user then selects
their plot window on screen and i then send it to the printer.  its
almost guaranteed that the user will get in to the windowing process
occasionally and abort the process.

Anyone know how to "turn the printer back on" after a call to Abort?


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