Formula One F1Book Problem (D3)

Hello out there

Why does a 'Formula One' application produce this error message:

        Exception:EOleSysError in module Project1.exe at
        Unspecified error

The message is not vey useful :-[

I have Delphi 3.0 Dev, english, Build 5.53. I have created a new
Application with only one TF1Book in the form. On the developing
machine (under NT4.0, SP3, german version) it is ok - inside the IDE
and started separately also.

The problem occurs on another machine with a fresh insalled NT4.0, SP3
*english* version.

Currently I have no third machine available for testing - so I am
searching for help here.

Meanwhile I have installed the complete Delphi IDE on that machine
also, but does not help. Inside the IDE I can see the F1Book, but when
I am going to start it, I get the error message!
BTW: I have tried it under my 'Power-User' account and did the whole
story a second time as Administrator.

I would be glad to get a hint, where to look for an faq about this.
Searching the internet gave me no success. Probably I looked at the
wrong places :-(

Thanks in advance
Udo Burghardt

F'-Up: comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.usage