Editmasks and displayformats with time fields

Hi everybody,

My problem is editmasks, I am trying to enter time into a time field, at the
moment the editmask is !90:00;1;_  this lets you type in 10:00 put it is
displayed as 10:00:00 with the seconds. The reason for this I think is because
I need to put a displayformat command in the property inspector to specify how
it is to look, I have tried many things but just get garbage in the field -
any ideas?

Ideally I would like to enter 2:30PM and that is what it would display, without
being forced to add an extra 0 before the 2. So if anyone can supply the
editmask and what I have to type in the displayformat property or tell me where
I can read up on this it would be very much be appreciated.


Jonathan Watkins