Sudden (and bad) behaviour of the Form Designer: D2.01, Win95 OSR1

Hello all,

I have recently observed this little gem in the Form Designer. I have no
idea why it has suddenly appeared; it certainly wasn't here last time I
used Delphi (2.01) on this machine (Win95 OSR1). No hardware has been
added in the meantime...

Basically, I
a) turn the machine on
b) run Delphi
c) drop any component on the Form Designer
d) drag the component around the Form Designer

And I am rewarded with a dark grey trail that traces out the path of the
component's outline.

Yes, I am sure that no one else out there sees this! More specifically,
Delphi seems to be drawing a dark grey border around every component that
I left-click on. Right-clicking is unaffected, as is moving the focus with
the TAB key. I had thought that it was a latent bug in my display adapter
driver, particularly when the problem disappeared on booting into Safe
Mode. However, a deeper study showed that this was more likely due to Safe
Mode only using 16 colours, whereas I normally use at least 256.

I have tried reinstalling Delphi, restoring the Registry and even
reinstalling Windows 95, on the off-chance that a Windows Update is
somehow responsible. All attempts to identify the problem to date have

The list of suspects in this sorry saga are:
a) Delphi
b) My display adapter driver (STB PowerGraph 64 Video; Trio64V+)

If anyone can suggest anything further (e.g. similar cases, known problems
with this hardware, anything!) then I would greatly appreciate it.