Query using multiple tables


I am trying to get a query to run on a Sybase database but with no
results as yet. I am using a ADOQuery component with Delphi 5.0 Pro. I
have tried the same query in Access 97 on the same tables and it seems
to work OK, when I run the same query in Delphi it just won't return
any records, could anyone point me in the right direction?

I am pretty new to this SQL lark!



SELECT m1.Label, m2.DeviceID, z1.EnumString, m2.CurrentClockSpeed
FROM CIM_Processor m2, CIM_UnitaryComputerSystem u,
CIM_ComputerSystemProcessor s, managewise_NDSName m1,
managewise_Designates s1, zenworks_ProcessorFamily z1,
zenworks_ProcessorRole z2
WHERE z1.Enum=m2.Family AND z2.Enum=m2.Role AND s.PartComponent=m2.id$
AND s.GroupComponent=u.id$ AND s1.Designation=m1.id$ AND