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"Log File Too Large" Errors


I have an application on the market that uses the BDE for its data
management.  I have one customer who has NT workstations with an NT Server
on the network.  The data resides on the server.  I am not overly familiar
with NT server... the user is getting "Log File Too Large" errors when going
into certain parts of my application.

What does this error mean, what causes it and how can I rectify it.

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Re:"Log File Too Large" Errors

In case it is a Lock file grown to large problem:,1410,15256,00.html

Re:"Log File Too Large" Errors

No, this is =log= file.  That means MS SQL Server, and what you have to
do is to log on to the admin screens of MSSQL and explicitly empty the
log.  Busy databases can require this several times a day.  (It's one of
many reasons why I don't use that server.)

>BillB wrote:

> In case it is a Lock file grown to large problem:

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