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Bookmarks in SQLServer


Im having troubles to make a table1.locate('codigocliente',myvariable,[]);
This do not work with TADOTable connected to an SQL SERVER 2000 with the

CursorLocation = clUseServer
CursorType = Dynamic

I need to open a  table with more than 1.000.000 records, so i use this
options to open it faster, with the lack of locate or any other search
method to easly find data and move cursor to any row.

Any body knows how can i do to handle such volume of records from server
side and use locate, filters or any other faster method to find data ?????

Thanks!!! and merry christmas for all comunity!!!.

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Re:Bookmarks in SQLServer

Do not open the table with 1,000,000 records, open a query instead with
something like:

SELECT * FROM orders
WHERE orderNo = 9000

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