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Problem doing "diagnose connection"


I have 2 home computers win 98, and I've conneted them with tcp/ip protocol,
using ib_console, I try "diagnose connection" ,select the tcp/ip tab, I put
the name of the other computer and for service I select ftp
pressing "test" the result is
Attempting connection to spider.
Socket for connection obtained.

Failed to connect to host 'drake',
on port ftp. Error Num: 10035.

TCP/IP Communication Test Failed!

what does this mean? did I do something wrong?
selecting  "ping"  in service evrything seems ok



Re:Problem doing "diagnose connection"

Crossposting is against Borland Newsgroups Guidelines.

I did answered you in the ibconsole newsgroup.

Best Regards,
Jos Luis Montesinos

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