TeeChart Horizontal Scrollbar Operation


I am encountering a problem with the operation of the TeeTree horizontal
scrollbar and would like to know whether anyone is having similar problems
and/or has a resolution.

Essentially the problem results in nodes at the far right of the tree unable
to be viewed/selected.  The teetree has been created programmatically with
nodes positioned manually (autoposition.left/top = false) on either side of
horizontal position 0 (e.g. nodes extend to the left to say -2000 and to
right to say +2000).  Unfortunately the horizontal scroll bar has
difficulties with such a range and appears to have a range of something
like -3000 to +1000.  Hence the tree cannot be scrolled into view.  The
vertical scroll bar does operate correctly.

Appreciate any feedback or suggestions on establishing the correct scroll

Greg Morgan
TeeTree 1.02, Delphi 4.02, NT 4.0 SP3