Delphi Database Development book for sale

This comprehensive book (almost 950+ CD) pages is written by:
Ted Blue
John Kaster
Greg Lief
Loren Scott
and published by M&T Books.

According to the cover:
- It's a complete Borland Database Engine API Function Reference.
- It contains the complete SQL Command Reference.
- It fully documents database file formats.
- It covers versions 1 and 2 (Desktop, C/S)
- It reveals previously undocumented Delphi database internals
- It includes a handy Xbase to Delphi cross-reference.
- The CD-Rom includes sample database applications and bonus third
   Delphi products, shareware and freeware

I was overestimating myself when I bought this, so I virtually never
used it. The bookstore sells it for $44.95. Any offers?