Overlaying Icon on top of Icon

    I am loading Icons from the application resource file and using them to
change the tray/application/mainform icons to give the user current status
information. All that is working fine, I am using the LoadIcon function to
do this.
    What I am having trouble with is having an 'X' type icon to overlay on
top of whichever other one is already shown. I want to add the 'disabled'
type of functionality to the tray icon so that the user knows when the
program is disabled. But I still want it to have the background icon
changing for other status info. I do not want to have to add a complete set
of other icons that have the X on them and know that there has to be a
better way of doing it.
    Does anyone have any insights on this? They would be greatly appreciated
if so. I have tried drawing the X on a canvas, but it won't me draw on it
unless it is a bitmap (not an icon). If I do try, it ususally causes a
glitch in the program somewhere and wipes out the existing image and doesn't
show what should have been drawn.
    I played a little bit with the TCustomImageList's DrawOverlay function.
But again, it wanted a canvas handle passed to it, but the Icon property of
an image doesn't have a Canvas... Maybe I just need some sleep, but could
anyone give me any ideas?