D3-EAccessViolation w/Sybase via ODBC-HELP!-BUG?

Here's the situation. I have the following.

  Sybase System 11 Server
  Intersolve ODBC Drivers, (16 bit sys 10, 32 bit 10 & 11)
  BDE 4
  Delphi 1
  Delphi 3

So I wrote a D1 app that worked with the Sybase tables, and the program
works fine. So I say, "Okay, let's port this puppy to D3". I get the
appropriate ODBC drivers and aliases set up and off we go. BOOM! Illegal
instruction, page fault in kernal32.dll. Hmmmm. so I start over, recreating
the app from scratch in D3. BOOM!
The errors I have been getting are of two kinds. I am getting runtime
error 216, (EAccessViolation) on application termination, I am getting
EAccessviolations on program startup, (but after the ODBC Login dialog has
appeared, login does work), or I am getting the aforementioned page fault
in kernal32.dll.
Now from what I can tell you get an access violation if you dereference a
nil pointer, write to virtual memory that isn't mapped, or some other
relatively obvious no-no, none of which I am doing. Hmmm
     the reason I suggest this might be a bug is that poking around on
Borland Online I find a page: borland.com/devsupport/sqllinks/pub-85.html
which describes the kernal32.dll crash I am having fairly well. This page
though is talking about a problem when using DBlib and ctlib and SQL links,
which I'm not doing. But the similarities are fairly strong.
     Any ideas? I'm running out on this end....


Brad Miller