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May a bug I found!


Your code runs fine on my system (Win XP Pro, Delphi 6 SP1).

My system has version 5.82.2600.0 of COMCTL32.DLL and version of RICHED20.DLL.  IIRC, older versions of
RICHED20.DLL had several problems.


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Re:May a bug I found!

Well I solved my problem and it was
the service pack that fixed it.
In case anybody wants to know
if you are using the RxLib uninstall it
before installing the update.
And rename every reference to
Apputils.pas in the RxLib to
RxApputils.pas and every reference
to the string in Rx*.pas Rx*.dpk
reinstall the lib and trouble is gone.
Use Grep to find the references, then drag
the files to editplus and do a replace all
in all open files. This saves a lot of time.

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