MS Access and inserting blobs using parameters

When trying an insert statement into an MS Access table such as:

insert into crel_circuit_relay
set crel_remarks = :remarks
where crel_id = :id

and the "remarks" param is set to ftMemo and the contents have more than 255
chars, I get  a "C++ Exception", if I change it to ftString, I get
gobbledeegook (I am seeing the textual representation of the blob descriptor
(which is a six byte structure) and if I change the data type to ftBlob,
then I get an error saying that the field data is too long.

I have been stepping through the VCL but can't distinguish the difference
between the blob descriptor if 255  verses 256.

I am using Delphi 5/E with BDE 5.11.

Does anyone know if this is an MS Access issue, BDE or Delphi issue?

Your response is much appreciated.

Craig Dunstan
Applications Support Manager
ElectraNet SA
Adelaide, South Australia
Mobile: 0418 846 931