Problems with TDBMemo when using Access 2000 via BDE (ODBC)


I'm using Delphi 4 Professional with an Access 2000 Database. My program
connects to the Database via the ODBC-driver and uses TQueries and
TUpdateSQLs to access the tables. TQuery.CachedUpdates is set to true, and
I'm using ApplyUpdates to write the records.
With normal fields this works fine, but with Memofields it doesn't work at
all: If I leave them empty, then my program(or delphi or the BDE or Access,
i don't know) writes random chars or data from other fields in the same
record into the Memofield. It looks like a memorydump. Sometimes there's an
exception, telling me, that a string has been cut at the end (null) (in my
german version: "Zeichenfolge rechts abgeschnitten (null)"). If I write
something into the TDBMemo it seems to be saved, but when i look at the
database with access the string is either replaced by random chars, or cut.
I'd like to know, if someone has encountered this problem, too. I know, that
there are problems with the new ODBC-driver from access 2000 and the BDE,
but i don't know if that is the cause of my problem.
if someone could help me, i'd be glad.

H. Spindler