ActiveX - DLL - PARADOX.NET and PDOXUSRS.LCK - Directory is controlled by other .NET file

a) Here is our application environment:
(BDE-Version 4.5)
    - The system has 20 users running a Exe-module (Nlfs.exe) residing on a
network drive (N:\)


    - Each user has a local paradox database with 3 tables located in

    - Each user has a locally stored ActiveX-Dll wich uses these three
tables (c:\Ace\Ace.dll).

c) Summarized:
            We have system which run a exe-module from a networked drive
which starts a local dll which in turn uses a local paradox database.

d) The problem:
After reading some Technical Information documents (TI2817 and TI2989) I'm
still confused about the PARADOX.NET and PDOXUSRS.LCK.

When we start our application (Nlfs.Exe) from the networked drive, which in
turn starts the locally placed ActiveX-dll (c:\Ace\Ace.dll) using the
locally stored tables (c:\Ace\Db), it seems like BDE is storing  PARADOX.NET
and PDOXUSRS.LCK to the current directory which is the networked drive (from
which the Nlfs.exe was started), and not from the local hard drive where
both the ActiveX-dll and the database/tables are located.

        What can I do to avoid BDE storing PARADOX.NET and PDOXUSRS.LCK to
the current directory?
        I want these files to be stored to the local hard drive!
        Why should BDE place these files to the networked drive so the users
are getting "Directory is controlled by other .NET file......."?
        There is no meaningful reason for the two files to be stored on the
networked drive!?!

With regards

Jarleif L?d?en