Caution to interbase!

HI Gang:
  In my last post,I point that with the same app. to the interbase
server on 486/16M and p75/16M, the 486 get better performance then
P75.Here is my conclusion:

  In 486,I install only one protocol(netbuei),but the p75 installed
I think everybody have finded the problem.

  It make little difference between protocols,I set one of these
protocol to default protocol,everything become normal.

  The conclusion is that Interbase is not protocol intelligent,the same
BDE setting with no protocol assigned. The interbase will try every
protocol that can use in your 95 system that's the reason why app. slow
slow slow......

Borland's white book did not mention it,everybody spent few time to make
proof of it.

think it's useful to you all

Alfred /Taiwan