VBX in Delphi DLL called from Turbo Pascal Win 1.5

I have a program written in TPW 1.5 which needed some maintenance.
One of the things needed was a simple word-processing function.

So I used the TX-Word processor VBX from Borland Visual Solution Pack
and made a Delpi-form.

If I compile to an .EXE file there are no problems.

If I convert the EXE file to a DLL and then call it from my TPW
program - I get an exeption error about unable to initialize

Two questions :

1/ Why is it BIVBX10.DLL.  I have searched my whole harddisk, and I
only can find the BIVBX11.DLL which came with Delphi...

2/ Why do I get this from TPW, and not from Delphi .EXE ?

Francis Pauwelyn