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delphi hangs on splash

My problem is that when i start Delphi32.exe (D5) it hangs at the splash
screen even when loading with "/ns".
My config is Delphi 5 Enterprise SP1, W2K SP2, Matrox G400 with latest
Delphi worked on this machine without any problems. Soemone installed mssql
and deinstalled it (i'm not sure if thats the source of the probs).
What i tried to so far:
Tested various video driver versions, reinstalled them completly, tried all
video acceleration settings, deinstalled delphi, deleted all related folders
(borland, shared files), reinstalled delphi from scratch. Keeps{*word*154}.
Now i found only one situation where it did work. When i install and choose
the minimal setup, it loads just fine. Problem is, it's just minimal setup
Then tried to to custom install with just program files and shared files, ->

Does anybody know how to solve without reinstalling windows ?

Regards, Kai

"The question is not whether a harddrive will fail, but when it will fail."


Re:delphi hangs on splash

Hi again
I discovered that if i remove dfmpkg50.bpl and rcpkg50.bpl from the bin
folder, delphi loads just fine.
If one of the files exist in Bin it hangs again.
Any ideas ?

Regards, Kai

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