ANOUNCE: Utility to view/print referential integrities, table's structure and a lot more...

Annouce: DBSViewer 1.1 Unregistered Version

is now available at

This program is a utility for delphi programers
(if one deals with data bases ).  It allows you to
view/print/export the referential integrities of Borland DBE
(up to version 7) tables GRAPHICALY.  It has zoom capabilities
both for viewing and printing has well as for exporting.  
You can edit(record by record) or browse the tables as well as
print their records.  You can also view/print
the table's structure (indexes, field types,...). Lots of other

This version has the print/export commands disabled, all the
rest is fully functional.

Registration is only 25$. See the help file included for more

Note:  It requires Win 95 and DBE 7.0 to be already installed.