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Installing BDE in Windows 98


  I saw that this question was posted before  but there isn't any asnwer
so I would like to know if somebody can help because I am hving problems
installin the BDE in Windows 98, I thought it was the FAT 32 and I did
it with FAT 16 but I still having the same problem, what could be ??

Thank you,


Re:Installing BDE in Windows 98

I have installed the BDE under W95, 98 and NT without problems, excepted
that a partial installation does NOT work.
did you choose the complete BDE installation option in installshield ?

Re:Installing BDE in Windows 98


The purpose of this newsgroup is to get Delphi itself up and running.  For
questions on deploying the BDE with InstallShield, you will get better results
if you post to borland.public.delphi.thirdparty-tools
Delphi Developer Support
(I do not respond to support questions by e-mail)

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