Files needed for internet distrabution

Mon, 25 Aug 1997 09:06:55 -0400, "Sande Jones" <>

> I have been working on a program in Delphi 3.0 and it uses the HTML
>internet object and the VSpell component. I found a document on
> that had a matrix that said that said I need only the
>following files to be included with my distributed application.  This is
>what I have Included:

>Vspell32.OCX: for VSpell

>I'm using install shield to install my application

>It looks like the ocx's are being registered correctly but when I try to run
>the app I get a EOLE***error. the component is not registered.

>What am I missing?

As told this message you need register ocx'es. This can be done for
example by calling "regsvr32 name.ocx"

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