Vanishing SQRT-sign on graphic screen


Can someone help me with the following problem ?

I' ve created a program wich uses the standard Borland Pascal 7.0
EGAVGA.BGI driver for displaying text on the graphic screen. I make
use of the DEFAULT fonts, LITT.CHR and TRIP.CHR.

The problem: the (free/educational) program seems to work allright on
many different (msdos/windows) systems. One of the (many) users of the
program has encountered the following problem:
The SQRT-sign is displayed as a 1 in superscript. He uses the program
on (or under ?) WIN95 with a Philips 15c [SVGA] monitor.

I suppose it's related to codepages (or whatever).
- Has anyone has this problem ?
- What can I do about it ?

Any help (in this newsgroup or by email) will be greatly appreciated!

Willem van Ravenstein
The Netherlands

P.S. If you are interested in testing the program, please do. The
program can be downloaded from
Unfortunately is all Dutch! It deals with (simple ?) excersices for
mathematics. That's pretty international or is it not ?