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missing query, table name or procedure name???


I've got a TClientDataSet object being connected to a dcom object and its
provider prvBringTheData - so I can populate the data set with a remote
servers' method.

This works fine in run time because I can put in the code a piece of code
that calls the remote method


thus populating the data set with data. However, I want to edit the
DataSet's fields in design time using Fields editor in order to edit the
property flags. When I try to add all fields in the editor, i receive a
"Missing query, table name or procedure name" error and I am not allowed to
add the fields. I understand that it isn't possible because the method needs
to be called in order to populate the data set so I could edit the fields in
design time.

Where should I add what to make editing of the fields possible in design
time? Is there some event in the TClientDataSet where I should populate the
data set in order to be able to edit the fields also in the design time?

-desperadamente, Henry


Re:missing query, table name or procedure name???

Add the fields to the FieldDefs property at design time. This question
belongs in the datasnap newsgroup. Follups set to there.

Bill (TeamB)
(TeamB cannot respond to questions received via email)

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