Quick Reports 3.x.x custom paper size problem


I have some custom paper sized reports that I was using with QR 2.0k
without any problem. Now, with quickreport 3.0.9 , the printer
advances one line and stops without printing anything. I've downloaded
the update from QR web site, but the problem continues.

The OS is win98.

I've had no problems with Delphi3 and QR 2.0k on Custom Sized Paper
I was able to print to a paper size that I set in QR, regardless of
what I set in the OS printer settings.

Everything is the same except Delphi7 and QR 3.0.9

The printer and the printer drivers make no problem with Delphi 3 and
QR 2.0k.

The printers I mainly use are : Epson LX300, Epson LQ870, Epson
FX-980, Oki ML 3320
I use the drivers which comes with win98. No problem with Delphi3, and

But with Delphi7 and QR >3.x.x  , it does not work. Advance one line,
and stop..

With win98, I don't need to define a custom sized paper in the control
panel -> printers -> printer settings with QR2.0k , but with QR3.x.x I
need to set the printer to a custom sized paper and make sure that
every printer has the correct paper settings defined. And this makes a
overhead in the maintanance area.

I have written this to QR, but no solution is provided.

Anyone had this problem and find a solution?

What reporting tool I use to be able to print to a custom paper size,
regardless of the printer settings defined in the OS? What do you