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Calling Win95 Shared Executable

Hello, I am trying to call a 32-bit shared network executable from
within a very small Delphi app.  The sole purpose of the application is
to feed command line parameters to the other application.
I have experimented wth the WinExec and CreateProcess methods.  WinExec
seemed to work for a while, then quit working when we switched to a
32-bit executable.  CreateProcess will not run it either, and returns a
GetLastError code of 2.

Bill Bohlen


Re:Calling Win95 Shared Executable

To call a DOS program from Delphi 3, I used:

    StrPCopy(CommandLine, UserEdit.text);
    win1:=ShellExecute(Win1 ,'open', 'dialer', commandline, '',SW_SHOW);

To call a Windows program from another program I used:

  Win2:=ShellExecute(Win2 ,NIL, 'Windoc.exe', '', '.',SW_SHOW);

Seems like it would work fine for anything.


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