Netscape DDE problem with WWW_RegisterURLEcho

I am having some trouble getting WWW_RegisterURLEcho to work
with regard to Netscape and my Delphi (1.0) application.

I have so far successfully got my application to use WWW_OpenURL
and WWW_GetWindowInfo OK to be able to tell Netscape to open a URL and
to get it to tell me what URL is currently loaded.  With both of those
DDE operations, Netscape is the SERVER and my application is the CLIENT
and uses the REQUEST method.

With WWW_RegisterURLEcho, I need to use the POKE method.  I have
managed to use this method with a test DDE server program that I wrote,
but I can't get it to work with Netscape.  The Pokedata bit returns a
status of false in thew following code.

procedure TForm_Mozzy.Button_PokeNetscape(Sender: TObject);
    SomeText: array[0..79] of Char;
    Status: Boolean;
    Status := DdeClientConv2.SetLink('NETSCAPE', 'WWW_RegisterURLEcho');
    Status := DDEClientConv2.OpenLink;
    Status := DDEClientConv2.Pokedata(DDEClientItem2.DDEItem,
        StrPCopy(SomeText, 'DdeSrvr'));
    If Status Then
        ShowMessage('Netscape Poke OK')
        ShowMessage('Netscape Poke Failed');

Is there anything wrong with my code?

Does anyone have a bit of code that shows this type of DDE with Netscape
working properly?


PS Responses to as well as to the newsgroup much
appreciated as my newsfeed is a bit dodgy at the minute.