Don't Make Lots of $$$$$

-=[ was heard to say... ]=-

 > >         Let me start by saying that I FINALLY FOUND IT! That's

 [ bogus shit snipped ]

 In> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Do you have any idea HOW MANY people use
 In> that EXACT same quote? :) "HERE?!?!?! ON THE NET!?!?!?"  You guys are
 In> all so pathetic.... On eguy writes a whole thing... and all the rest
 In> of teh losers just copy EXACTLY what they said..... Although yojur the
 In> first person that hasn't said "I spoke to my friends, family, and my
 In> attourny"..... If you're going to do something illigal (which this
 In> is), you can at least be original, and write your own scam letter.

Good point...


 In> ... I know this isn't replied to the actual person who wrote this, but
 In> it threads back :) ...

But by now the idiot who originally posted it is in his backyard with his
head buried in the dirt hiding from all the flamers who told him what a
pathetic fool he is to fall for this sucker bait.

So let's drop the thread and get back to the proper newsgroup topic.
Responding to spammers publicly gets pretty pathetic itself after a while.

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