Putting Paradox Timestamp Field into Dialog Edit box

I am having problems putting a timestamp field from a Paradox table
into a TbDate dialog edit box.  The year part gets messed up (like 03
and 67 when all stamps are recent ie 96,95).  Here is the code I am

   Date  : TbDate;
   Stamp : LongInt;
   Blank : Bool;

   DbiGetField(hProdRate, iProdRate_Date, rbProdRate, @Stamp, Blank);
   WITH Date DO
      DbiDateDecode(Stamp, Word(Month), Word(Day), Year);
   DateSetDlgItemDMY (hDlg, IDC_FpDateView, Date);
   CurrRec.Date := Stamp;
   ShowWindow(GetDlgItem(hDlg, IDC_FpDateView), SW_Show);