Oracle CLOB problem


We have a problem:

We have a Delphi 4 C/S application (update 3) that uses the BDE (5.01) and
SQL Links to connect to an Oracle 8.0.5 database. Now on some machines with
the same BDE settings and the same Oracle client (Net8), and running the same
executable its behaviour is different. Namely, on some machines the CLOB
fields (in TDBMemo's) are correctly displayed, while on others you can change
the text in the Memo and post (which indeed changes the value of the CLOB
field), but the contents of the CLOB fields are never displayed. The
operating system is no direct suspect, because so far we have a NT and a
win95 machine displaying and also a NT and a win95 machine not displaying the
CLOBs. With regard to the BDE: I even exchanged the registry keys for it,
without any result, so I don't think that the BDE is the problem either.
Furthermore I can make the values in the CLOBs visible with another tool
(TOAD), so the Oracle connection is OK as well. The problem is now that I
can't think of more places to look for the cause of the problem, and I don't
want to take the risk of customers not seeing their Memo's. Has anyone seen
this problem before? I would be grateful for a solution.

Christiaan Knaap

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