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Reportsmith and Windows '95

I am unable to run Reportsmith and Windows '95. Is anyone else
experiencing similar problems-- and maybe have a solution?

I am able to create a report, and view it however once it has been viewed
it is not letting me make any amendment to the report query, page setup

I receive the message Error .5 (5 or -5) proceed Yes or No. Proceeding
invariably results in a GPF.

Any comments, thoughts ideas would be more than welcome.



I have reinstalled both Windows '95 and Delphi.


Re:Reportsmith and Windows '95

Man you got a strange problem, what the heck is problem 5 or -5 ?
PErhaprs you should check your system files (if you use config.sys)
or any files that is running in the background or the datafiles that
is used in Reportsmith!

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