Windows 95 Task bar and maximize problem !

 Hello !

 I have a form that needs to be maximized,
 in order to do that correctly i captured the WM_GETMINMAXINFO message
 so that i could control the max size and position of the window.
 When i ran the application  i could see that the window maximized
 than was "squized" by the window 95 task bar (when the task bar was always
 on top)
 to fit in the free desktop space.

 i  even captured the  WM_WINDOWPOSChanging messge in order to stop
 that from happening but windows changed the window's size without even
 sending this
 message !

 what can i do ?
 how can i stop the windows 95 bar from doing that or
 at least stop it before it really happens ?

 thanks in advance !!