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 In> Well, I'm a big fan of modularity, but not for three lines of code!

 In> Herb

If you use those three lines of code in hundreds of places as you suggest,
it would be a very good idea to put it in a procedure or function. It's not
the number of lines of code you should use in deciding whether to modularize
the code, but instead the number of times they are repeated in the program.
I feel that even twice is good enough to mudularize...

 In> On 7 Dec 1996 11:12:03 -0700, Mike Copeland <mrc...@primenet.com>

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 >> Yes, that's an alternative, and I have replaced my code with something
 >> like yours (I'll try yours as well--I'm sure it will work). I'm just
 >> afraid of the hundreds of places I've used the old code, which now
 >> doesn't work!
 >   Ahhhh - a ringing endor{*word*224}t for modularity and TP/BP Units, I'd
 >say!  If you had designed your applications with this common function in
 >one place, callable from anywhere, you'd have not problem, would you?
 >   Sorry to embarrass you, but this should be a good object lesson for
 >younger "students" here, I feel...

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